The Pros and Cons of Learning To Swim With Goggles


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Using goggles for children in swimming lessons has both advantages and disadvantages.

3 Disadvantages of Learning to Swim With Goggles

  1. Goggles can create dependency.
  2. They can become a distraction when swimmers experience fogging, water leaks, and fit problems.
  3. Children who always rely on goggles may panic in water without them and forget crucial swimming skills they have learned in lessons.

3 Advantages of Learning to Swim With Goggles

  1. Goggles can aid in the child’s progress.
  2. They can help reduce the fear of putting your face in the water by making it less intimidating.
  3. Goggles can be particularly useful for children with sensory issues who dislike water over their eyes.

Whether to use goggles during swim lessons or not depends on the child’s needs. If your child wears goggles, we do recommend practicing swimming without them, at least some of the time, to avoid dependency and panic if they fall in the water without them.

When it comes to goggle selection, we have researched for you! We have chosen a trusted, quality goggles brand that we sell at Coastal Swim Academy. If you decide that the best option for your child to swim is in goggles, we recommend FINIS goggles as Coastal Swim Academy’s goggles of choice.

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