December Newsletter – What is a Speed Week?


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What is a Speed Week?

Speed week is considered a fast-track way to boost a child’s confidence and swimming skills in a short period of time. The lessons are group lessons, conducted every day, for 30 minutes.

This means that speed weeks are a great way to receive a month’s worth of lessons in just 5 days with the same instructor. Speed weeks can also be a time to maintain or be refreshed on skills for your child. We recommend trying out a speed week to see how effective this can be for the growth of your child.

When Are The Next Speed Weeks?

We have two speed weeks coming up: December 26 – 29 and January 2 – 5.

You can sign up now by calling us at 281-916-0550 or emailing us at [email protected].

Pajama Week at CSA

Did you know that 85% of accidents occur when children are not prepared to fall into the water? To prepare our students, we are hosting pajama week! Our goal ist o help your child feel what it is like to self-rescue with clothes and to feel equipped to handle any situation a like. We want our students to feel confident in their skills.

When is Pajama Week?

We would love to invite your child to wear their pajamas to their class on December 18 -23!

Toys for Tots

We are hosting a Toys for Tots toy drive in our lobby through Thursday, December 14. We will only be accepting unwrapped, NEW toys! All toys and donations collected are dedicated to the kids in Brazoria County. Join us in blessing kids in need this holiday season!

Upcoming Closures

December 25 – January 1


Our staff would like to say thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s growth!

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