June Newsletter – Benefits of Swimming Early


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The Griffith Study


The Griffith University Study, led by Professor Ronym Jorgensen, explored the developmental benefits of early-years swimming.

Three Benefits of Swimming Early

  1. Children who participated in early swimming lessons reached a range of developmental milestones earlier than their non-swimming peers. This included motor skills, cognition, language development, and mathematical reasoning.
  2. Swimmers showed significant improvements in visual motor skills, such as cutting, coloring, and drawing, as well as better oral expression, literacy, and numeracy. These skills are crucial for transitioning into formal learning environments like preschool and school.
  3. Children from all socio-economic backgrounds who participated in swimming performance better than the normal population, indicating that swimming benefits are accessible regardless of socio-economic status. At Coastal Swim Academy, we partner with the Hope Floats Foundation to help make swim lessons accessible for every child.

Overall, the study suggests that early-years swimming not only promotes physical health but also provides substantial cognitive, social and academic benefits, giving children a head start in their education and development.

A Big Thank You

thank you to everyone who came out to our Water Safety Event in May and a special thank you to the Coast Guard and Kings Ice Cream for partnering with us! We had a blast learning more about water safety together!



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