March Newsletter – Why Fins at CSA?


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Each Month We Focus On A New Skill

At Coastal Swim Academy, we are focusing on using fins in the pool this month. Each month we focus on different skills to enhance the growth of your kids! Swimming with fins can significantly help a swimmer’s performance at any level.

For beginners, fins can help add resistance against the water and provide sensory input that more closely matches what the swimmer feels from gravity on land. This sensory input helps young swimmers connect that “when my legs move like this, I go forward”. The small bit of propulsion is rewarding, so they continue to kick. Fins also help emerging swimmers elongate their kicks, transitioning them from a bicycle kick motion to a full leg kick. Last, fins can help the beginner move into a more horizontal posture. All of these connections help them kick and eventually swim more efficiently.

For more advanced swimmers, the added resistance fins engage more muscle groups to build leg strength. Fins can provide support for swimmers with lower body weakness or injuries, especially as they learn skills like the freestyle stroke and side breathing. Fins can help all swimmers develop a stronger and more efficient kick motion. With the added speed and propulsion from fins, swimmers can cover more distance in less time. Most kids love that they can swim faster! By incorporating fins into swim lesson, we can enhance performance and improve overall skills for swimmers of all levels.

Spring Break Updates

March 11-14th

There will be NO regular scheduled classes during this week.

Speed Week – Classes scheduled between 9am to 1pm. They will be 20 minute private lessons.

Under the Sea Camp- Camp will be hosted from 9am- noon. Each day will include outdoor play, water activities, a complimentary snack, arts and crafts, and a 30 minute group swim session with our incredible camp instructors.

Register online with the above links or call us at (281) 916-0550

Open Swim Event

March 23rd

5 pm – 7:30 pm

Sign up with the Front Desk Staff or email [email protected]

$10 per family upon entry at event.

Summer is Coming Soon!

Summer is just around the corner! Be on the look out for new class schedules opening up for the summer months!

Our Guppies classes are a great wat to be involved with your child’s development

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